1 March 2023

Good progress towards the delivery of the DOOLEYS Lidcombe Club expansion and renovation works was made during 2022, culminating in the completion of the technical design and an initial tender process for the procurement of the works. As a result of the well-publicised and unforeseen impacts of COVID-19 on supply chains and labour markets, the construction industry has become extremely challenging and cost escalation is a significant risk to project delivery.

The tender process has highlighted that further work is required to ensure that the Members get best value for money in the current climate. We intend to achieve this by simplifying the construction works and prioritising the most important deliverables, which will reduce time and cost. Over the coming months we will be working closely with the project team to refine the project scope in response to the current challenges in the construction sector.

A range of infrastructure and enabling works will continue in order to minimise construction impacts on Members’ ongoing use of the Lidcombe facilities. This will include upgrades to drainage and power infrastructure, and the creation of additional member parking. Within the Club itself, the Bar & Grill dining concept – formerly so successful at DOOLEYS Waterview – will be launched within the former Jade gaming room, adding an additional dimension to the dining options for Members.

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