1 March 2022

On site works will commence in May 2022 to prepare for the demolition of the Club’s retail properties along John Street, clearing the way for the construction.

Over the coming months you will see appointed builder, ADCO Construction, set up a construction compound on the vacant land between Board & Ann Street, a range of infrastructure decommissioning and upgrade works and the demolition of existing retail properties along John Street.

Our consultant team have worked diligently with ADCO Construction to ensure disruption is kept to an absolute minimum, to ensure Members continue to enjoy a wide range of facilities at Lidcombe despite the ongoing building works.

Initially you will see an increase in construction traffic in the area, and increased noise levels at certain stages of the demolition and excavation.

As these early works draw to a close in September 2022 there will be a more noticeable impact within the Club as Lloyd’s Bistro, Three Lanterns Bar, the Member Lounge and Children’s play area close to make way for exciting new food & beverage venues.

However, the recently completed Baileys Sports Bar & The Upper Quarter will remain open, continuing the tradition of great food and drink, entertainment, and a fun play area for the kids too! Whilst these facilities won’t be on the same scale as we have become accustomed, the familiar friendly faces, and DOOLEYS service with a smile will continue.

A staged approach will see completed areas unveiled from early 2024 onwards, with the project drawing to a close early in 2025.

Please forward all enquiries via email to mail@concourseatlidcombe.com.au.